Sunday, June 04, 2006

Comment to Doris

I am heartened by you're efforts to get your parents and sister to take peak oil seriously and to be less wasteful when it come to energy and water. You try to convince your parents, turn off lights throughout the house, switchc the air conditioner etc. Because it doesnt seem like your parents are being that receptive, you could use the economic factor, which is that it is cheaper to use less electricity. When it comes to peak oil I am the same way. I used to leave my computer on all day and night, but I started thinking about the waste of energy. Its funny because before I didn't even think about electricity being a limited commodity, and while it isnt, the methods of generating it are. I really like how you cleverly got your sister to take showers. You could also talk about what living during the black out was like. Maybe if you left some books about peak oil around, your sister might pick it up. Its strange that people will not listen to things that are in their best interest, which is the same perspective as people who want others to convert to their religions.Your post was very to the point and I liked some of your phrases "Convincing my family about peak oil is as complicated as trying untie the Gordian knot." Thanks for your post.


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