Tuesday, May 23, 2006

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When considering likely Governmental responses to peak oil, one needs to keep in mind governmental responses to other situations. For instance, when Hurricane Katrina occurred, the federal government did not respond for days, and when they did intervene, it was quite ineffective. Essentially, they were keeping up appearances; they didn’t follow up their procedures for the people who were displaced. They repaired the levees because the job had to be done, but they didn’t make a huge effort to improve the original design, or find a new one. They sheltered the displaced, but they did not do it well. If the government can not adequately or satisfactorily react to somewhat less catastrophic situations (in comparison to peak oil), how will they respond on a larger scale? The federal government will react to peak oil, and initially, their actions will be perceived as well intentioned, but I predict that their responses will be ineffective and even harmful.
In a maximum 8 year term for presidents in the United States, it is clear that the agenda of every president is relatively short term. U.S. domestic and foreign issues begin and end when a president starts or ends his term. What I mean by this is, no one envisions or implements long term long lasting plans for U.S. issues, because those in power will not be responsible after 4-8 years. This is to explain why most government initiatives are hasty, ineffective and short sighted, and why they have avoided peak oil.


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